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Help with new device ID:0x51E3

Added by: 2019-10-10 15:08:12 / Status: New / Project: Модуль Broadlink


I have purchased this device:

After a bit of digging, I found out that they use a broadlink chip:


I only found your repo after trying these things below with the python-broadlink library

So I tried connecting to broadlink-mqtt

Kind of works:

$ pi@piup:~/broadlink-mqtt $ python mqtt.py
[2019-10-09 10:27:40,822] DEBUG Connected to 'Unknown' Broadlink device at '' (MAC c8:f7:42:fc:e5:45) and started listening for commands at MQTT topic having prefix 'broadlink/'
[2019-10-09 10:27:40,834] DEBUG Connected to MQTT broker, subscribing to topic broadlink/#

It connects, so there must be a way.
I have a spare device that I can send by post
I can also send debug logs or whatever is needed


import broadlink
print hex(broadlink.discover(timeout=10)[0].devtype)

How do I find out what commands it takes?
It could be compatible with an MP1 device but only 2 sockets
It is not. Defining the device as an MP1 type does not work

Your repo has many more devices than the python-broadlink library has.
Are there any simililar devices where this device could be compatible with in your repo?

Thanks for your help


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